About Us

The Twinkling Tiara Society all started one cozy winter morning when my husband and I were out to brunch at one of our favorite cafes. As we sat their enjoying our meal, my husband noticed a group of women wearing purple clothing with bright red hats on their heads. He asked me if I knew if there was something special going on. I explained to him what I knew about the Red Hat Society–a group of women gathering together for different activities and to socialize. He told me that sounds like what I do with friends and family–only there is no fee involved to join us. We just gather together, eat, laugh, and cheer each other on in our life endeavors. He said I should create my own group that’s free…and thus the Twinkling Tiara Society was born.

Why twinkling tiaras, you may ask? Well, I guess most of us enjoy a little bling every now and then. I’d like to think if we all wore a tiara, each one would be as individual as we are. Every jewel in the tiara is a representation of something we have accomplished–a little bling we’ve added to our lives. Maybe your diamond is a 5K you ran…or a quilt you’ve sewn…or maybe even taking 15 minutes every morning to organize your schedule. Maybe you prefer rubies or sapphires over diamonds. That’s okay.

Have you ever noticed how the value of something goes up the more unique it is? Often, companies will purposely release a “limited-edition” product which increases the value of it. You are a limited edition in this world. There is only one of you. So at Twinkling Tiara Society we celebrate the limited edition that is you!

I began to ponder the positive influence a group could have if we were able to encourage as many people as possible offering a quick “Kudos!”, “Congratulations!”, “That’s fantastic!”, and “Great job!” to anyone who might need it. We look forward being there for you as you create your own unique and valuable tiara.